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How does it work

You supply us with a list of customers / potential customers

All information remains strictly confidential
It is important the list be current
And the data accurate


We contact your clients using a professional bank of telephone operators
Our operators will politely enquire if the service they received met with their expectation
Our operators will probe into the critical areas of your business and ascertain exactly the interaction that took place between the customer and your salesperson


Our operators will enter the conversation into a specifically tailored computer program
The conversation will be broken down into categories that apply to your business
The data will be collated by using a multiple choice selection designed by us and you
General comments will also be made in all areas where appropriate to give you the complete story


The information will be downloaded in it’s entirety and presented in a summary report
The report will cover all aspects of your business and summaries in data and graphed form
Reports: Daily
Reports: Weekly
Reports: Monthly
Reports: Quarterley
Reports: Annually


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