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What sets Capeesh! apart from the rest?
Put simply Capeesh! has a working dynamic database of over 50,000 consumers giving you access to one of the largest on-line permission based B2C and B2B prospect networks in the southern hemisphere.
The Capeesh! database
Our database allows us to define the sample by: Gender > Age > Location > Income > Socio economic grouping
This is to be determined by you the client and Capeesh!
Costs are streamlined - all programming, data processing and reporting is compiled in-house. Capeesh! does not subcontract any of its work.
Speed - Our services are very unique because we offer clients affordable quantifiable market research data within 7 working days on our base service.
Guarantee - We also guarantee the quoted number of respondents within an agreed scheduled time. If we do not live up to our part of the agreement then we will supply you with the data that we have gathered free of charge.
Online Surveys provides you with an affordable and extremely fast way of undertaking surveys. Instead of expensive telephone, street intercept, door to door or even focus groups, Online Surveys can provide an alternative that is very competitive and doesn't break the budget.


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