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What Is Capeesh!

Capeesh! is a market research company that specialises in Customer Satisfaction.
With over 20 years of experience and one of the first companys in Australia to establish mystery shopping effectively on-line
Capeesh! operation covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand.

Capeesh! Services

Mystery shopping (customer service evaluation).
Customer satisfaction surveys.
On-line surveys.
Telephone surveys.
Door to door.
Intercept surveys.
Self completion - by mail, by email, on-line .
Central location.

Capeesh! Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping goes by many names:
secret shoppers, mystery customers, spotters, anonymous audits, virtual customer,
employee evaluations, performance audits, mystery checks

Capeesh! operation covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand.
Over 45,000 researchers registered with Capeesh! database.
Over 1,000 researchers used every month.
Researchers - all walks of life but specifically tailored to suit the requirments of each project.
Trained - trained by our qualified team of recruiters.
Briefed - researchers are briefed on every job and every audit regardless of experience.
Checked - all audits are checked through our quality assurance program.
Over 20,000 audits conducted each year.

Capeesh! On-Line

All design and programming is individually tailored to meet our clients needs. No two research programs are the same.
Costs streamlined - all recruiting, data processing and reporting is in-house. Capeesh! does not subcontract any of its work.
Capeesh! is its own host and on-line designer.
To the far reaches of Australia and New Zealand.
Data and reporting - as 95% is on-line the data is entered directly into the Capeesh! database and reporting is instant.
Correct data - extremely accurate as there is no double handling. The data is checked for correctness and processed immediately.

Capeesh! On-Line Success

Immediate results - fast turn around of surveys, data and reports.
Training success - immediate impact on training.
Tracking - by question, date, store, area, state, individual......
Accountable - managers and employees are accountable for their performance good or indifferent.
Marketing focus - analyse data over a marketing drive period.
Abundance of reports - every single piece of data is recorded and reported to suit your every requirment.
Up selling - tracking/zooming in on extremely important aspects of your business.
Measuring change - through mystery shopping your company can effectively measure all aspects of change.


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