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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the pay?

Payment varies according to the assignment. Before you accept an assignment, all payment details will be included.

How do I get paid?
Payment will be by electronic transfer directly into your bank account. On registration or assignment of your first job there will be provision for you to enter your account details. Not so after registration.

Are my banking details safe?
Capeesh! database is used strictly in-house and banking details will never be divulged to any other party.

When do I submit my banking details?
You submit your banking details either when registering or email your details after completing your first assignment.

My banking details?
It is your responsibility to make sure your banking details are correct.
The bank account name is your name or the name you nominate for your account and not the type of account or bank that you use, that information is obtained through the BSB number.

What if my account details are incorrect?
If you supply incorrect bank details then payment will be delayed. We will email you so that you supply us with the correct details.

Will I be charged for supplying incorrect banking details?
If we have tried to process your payment and our bank returns the electronic transfer then a $1 charge will be made to cover the bank fee and administration.

How much work will I get?
This will vary from month to month.

When will I receive job offer emails?
There is no set day and time, but you should also regularly check your “Junk Mail” and “Deleted Items” folders; many ISPs consider our emails to be SPAM. Lowering the spam level on your security settings will help, too, as will using an ISP-based email address, rather than a free one such as Hotmail.

How far will I have to travel?
That really depends on you, however we will endeavour to assign jobs close to your area.

How do I submit my results?
You can do this on-line and all the easy prompts are there to assist you.

Who pays for any products I have to purchases?
You do, but product purchases are included in your payment.

What happens with tax?
You are responsible for your own tax. Capeesh! does not deduct any tax from payments as you are not classified an employee of Capeesh!

Do I need to declare my tax and/or earnings?
If you are unsure we strongly recommend you contact your accountant or the ATO direct.

What if I need further information?
You can e-mail, fax or call us and we will be happy to clarify any further information you require.


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